A5 Marine Technologies

A5 Marine Technologies AB, Sweden/Finland (MARPOL Annex V - GARBAGE)
We have for many years been working with environmental development within the maritime and offshore sector with focus on ship-generated garbage. In respect of the serious legal and environmental issues related to discharge at sea we can provide cost-effective, compliant solutions and environmental expertise.

Solutions and own-designed systems are developed in close co-operation with crew members and we can serve clients worldwide.

Marint Kompetansesenter is a unifying and coordinating organization for recruitment and competence-enhancing measures within the marine industry. We hold courses and implement measures for companies that want to strengthen the competence of their employees. We also establish contact between companies/shipowners and apprentices/cadets.
90 North Ice Consulting
90North Ice Consulting AB (Training courses)
The company was established and founded in 2010 in Sweden. 
With more then 25  years of experience from many different types of operations in Arctic and ice infested waters we started to develop procedures and risk assessment for different companies when operating in ice covered waters. At same time we started courses for ice breaker officers in the Baltic Sea. One year later this course developed into various courses for shipping companies, oil companies and seismic operations in Arctic waters.
Our aim is to prepare all ship crews and other personnel working in environmentally sensitive areas by tailor fitting of courses prior to operation commencement. We will work closely with our customers to meet their needs and to maintain highest level of safety and cost effectiveness.