New-buildings and Retrofit

Environmental awareness and sustainability have become important factors within the maritime industry and we are facing new challenges with new/revised regulations and standards. At the same time there is an increased focus on reducing the overhead costs for the vessel operations.
Many makers approach the owners & designers and promote the excellence of their equipment, while some makers approach the yards with “good prices”… In the end of the day, some of the most important factors are often forgotten - the system integration and the onboard routines!
  • Problems with your bilge water separator? High operational cost?
  • How to design a system for black- and grey water?
  • What are the design parameters for a sewage treatment plant?
  • Can ground food waste be discharge to a sewage treatment plant?
  • How to avoid clogged pipes downstream a food waste disposer? Gravity vs vacuum?
  • Review of Garbage Management Plan and improvements of the onboard garbage management.
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